PIANO Premier "KAWAI Legend"

KAWAI SK-EX Competition Grand

Super Hi-Res Acoustic Piano Library in 96kHz/24bit
for Kontakt & Free Kontakt Player.

Required Kontakt(Player) version6 or higher.

Version 1.2.1 update released!

In order to use it with a quality close to the original 96kHz version even in sessions such as 48kHz, 44.1kHz, we have prepared a 48kHz specification. Implemented a “Release Parameter Control Panel” feature that allows for very detailed editing of how the release samples sound, and other various bug fixed.

PREMIER Software Instrument Trio
Pf: PIANO Premier KAWAI Legend
Bs: Acoustic Bass Premier G
Dr: Drum Tree®

Pf and Song: 2008 Norwegian Grammy winner, Helge Lien

Classic Demo 44.1kHz

Classic Demo 96kHz

(dropbox link)

*Performance data provided by: KAWAI

Debo Ray

REMIER Vibe Out Jam

44.1kHz (dropbox links)

PREMIER Vibe Out Jam “Infinite Intimacy” 44.1kHz

PREMIER Vibe Out Jam2 44.1kHz

Composer & Performer: YUKI KANESAKA
Singer: Grammy-nominated, award-winning artist, Debo Ray
(Many Thanks to Steve Osemwenkhae, Sarasa Uchiyama)

Pf: PIANO Premier KAWAI Legend
Bass: Acoustic Bass Premier G
Drums: DrumTree
*No EQ to all of the instruments.

User Demo

“I’m a Stranger Here Myself” by Kurt Weill (lyrics: Ogden Nash)

Vocal: Hazal Selçuk (hazalselcukmusic.com)
Drums: George Marsh
Piano/Bass: John Michael Grey
Virtual Instruments by Premiere Sound Factory:
– PIANO Premiere Kawai Legend
– Acoustic Bass Premiere G
(dropbox link)

This piano is Formula 1!

The Shigeru Kawai EX (SK-EX), a top-of-the-line full concert grand piano made by Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the ultimate model born to win at world competitions.

The touch is extremely delicate, playing a rich and luscious sound from a weak touch. It has a silky smooth bass, and the treble coexists with warmth in its brightness. When you play its keys, you will understand why the KAWAI “SK-EX” is chosen by many top pianists and has won awards at prestigious competitions, including the Chopin International Piano Competition.

The SK-EX takes ten years to naturally dry a single soundboard. The processing and assembly are done by hand by master craftsmen specialized in SK-EX. This is an extraordinary super machine imbued with Japanese craftsmanship spirit.

Photo provided by: KAWAI.

Miraculous Collaboration

PIANO Premier “KAWAI Legend” has been carefully recorded, with the full cooperation of Kawai. We selected the best one from the multiple top SK-EX models that are active in world competitions.

It was a miracle that we were able to keep the best model for the entire 10-day recording period, as it is a highly sought-after ace model that is constantly flying around the world for competitions. We were also fortunate enough to have a dedicated SK-EX concert tuner (MPA tuner) accompany us throughout the entire period, and we pursued the team’s ideals by taking our time to adjust each key several times in a luxurious studio environment.

After recording, we spent two years fine-tuning the responsiveness of the instrument, brushed up and perfected the sounds, and developed new technologies that help reproduce each sample. The KAWAI Legend is a miraculous SK-EX digital clone born from a dream collaboration.

Not just high-res 96kHz

We want to create the best piano library. We want to leave a piano that serious producers can truly be satisfied with. The premier team has done everything possible, and it is now complete.

The PIANO Premier “KAWAI Legend” package contains only one piano. The parameters are also very simple because nothing else is needed. We believe you can experience our true worth, “overwhelming density,” thanks to our unique quality control technology for both analog and digital audio, which we have pursued and cultivated over many years.

We achieved very accurate velocity distribution, including expression and texture, throughout all keys using our original key-striking device.

To bring out our unique rich sound 100% of the time, we recommend using it in a 96kHz session. Please launch Kontakt on a stereo track. To use the sound without the Kontakt automatic converter in a 48kHz session, we have included a 48kHz program from v1.2.0. (It can be used in sessions in 44.1kHz, 88.2kHz.)

Entirely Sample Based

The PIANO Premier series does not use any synth modeling, including harmonic resonance, and reproduces all expressions and resonances using only recorded samples.

By pressing the sustain pedal while holding down the keys, harmonic resonance is
added. A “Note On” message generated while pressing the sustain pedal plays the
sample layer actually played by striking the keys while holding down the pedal.

Exceeded the maximum velocity wall! “Velocity+”


As you know the maximum velocity of the standard MIDI is 127. However, if the sound of a real piano played with full force is assigned to 127, it may frequently occur depending on the type of MIDI keyboard, resulting in a strangely stiff and unnatural piano sound. On the other hand, if “moderate strength” is assigned to 127 in anticipation of this, you will feel like you need a stronger touch, especially in classical music.

KAWAI Legend proudly cleared this problem. Regardless of the keyboard, if it has aftertouch after detecting a keystroke of velocity 127, our patented Velocity+ (VelocityPlus) feature engages a new functionality that effectively achieves a new maximum velocity of 254(127+127). This is done by detecting an overflow of velocity intensities of 127 by aftertouch (within 20 msec) and replaces the original 127 velocity sound with an extremely natural “limit-breaking sound” which is played according to the overflow degree. This product is equipped with three additional limit-breaking velocity layers after exceeding 127. It is also possible to monitor the value of Velocity+ in real-time.

This is a new function with excellent upward and downward compatibility, which means that there is no negative effect even if existing MIDI data is played back with this function. There is no negative effect even if MIDI data recorded with this function is played back on existing equipment or sound sources that do not have Velocity+. (Velocity+ has the OnOff switch too.)

The ultimate experience for performers and listeners.

We have reconstructed the playback system of all sounds using new technology, including harmonic resonance, release trigger, damper, and half pedal. We pursue the natural resonance and playing feel to the fullest, allowing players to enjoy a very natural piano touch without any conscious effort.

For each key, there are Total 42 layers, including velocity (up to 18 levels for pedal on, up to 18 levels for pedal off, 5 levels for release trigger, and 1 level for harmonic resonance).
All of the below are newly developed.

Max Voice Optimize System 2

We have further improved the pronunciation efficiency system of the highly acclaimed PIANO Premier At First Light.

The maximum number of simultaneous pronunciations is now automatically controlled according to the current situation. When repeatedly pressing the pedal, the simultaneous pronunciation is usually limited to one per keyboard to prevent unnecessary resource consumption. However, when, for example, Velocity30 is played immediately after Velocity111, which could cause the overall sound image to suddenly become unnaturally small, the system recognizes the situation and automatically increases or decreases the number of simultaneous pronunciations in the background.

Half pedal compatible

If you are using a half-mode compatible MIDI damper pedal, the touch of the felt (sustain length) will change depending on the amount of pedal depression. It is also possible to stop the sound without generating damper noise by slowly releasing the pedal.

For a simple pedal with only on/off functions, you can adjust the amount of pedal depression with the modulation wheel.

Re-damper pedal support

By pressing the pedal during the time between releasing the key and the sound disappearing, the sound will be sustained. If the sound has not finished being silenced by the damper felt, pressing the pedal will sustain a low volume sound. This effect is achieved without using any modulation, and is entirely sample-based.

Advanced NKS compatibility

Advanced support for NKS, which enables intuitive workflow and collaboration with KOMPLETE KONTROL keyboards, etc.

Remote operation of almost all parameters, including previously difficult remote switching of reverb room (IR samples), has been made possible. This has improved user usability and accessibility.

Harmonic resonance of the genuine SK-EX

We have developed a new Harmonic Resonance playback system for the actual SK- EX, not a simulation. It reproduces the resonance (“OVERTONES”) when two or more specific keys are pressed, as well as the real resonance when the sustain pedal is pressed in the middle of a “Note On” message.

Samples of “Note On” after pressing the sustain pedal are also recorded for all keys and velocities, with automatic switching enabled by pedal operation.

Whole New Release trigger playback system

The release noise playback system, which has been further updated from PIANO Premier AFL, reproduces the natural behavior of an acoustic piano even more accurately.

Mechanical Noise

You can amplify the noise of the piano keystroke structure to create an effective sound.

Pedal action noise is also played in 3 cycle round robin. Of course, it is also possible to cut out both sounds if desired.

Flexible Velocity and Keymap Editor

It is possible to fine-tune the sensitivity of the piano according to the velocity response of your keyboard.

“pp Softer” is a knob that further reduces the volume of weak touches.

Setting it to zero will result in the actual dynamic range during recording. Normally, using zero will result in the sound of the SK-EX, but by turning this knob up, weak touches will become even quieter. Some electronic pianos tend to have a larger range set, so some players may feel that turning the knob up makes it easier to add dynamics.

Elegant Convolution Reverb

Equipped with 16 types of impulse responses.

Newly added are two high-quality large hall IR reverbs, three wood studio IR reverbs, that recorded “KAWAI Legend”, and resonant IR reverbs inside the piano.


PIANO Premier “KAWAI Legend”

Format: KONTAKT Instrument
Sampler: FREE KONTAKT PLAYER (version 6.1.0 or higher)
(included in free KOMPLETE Start),
or KONTAKT (version 6.1.0 or higher)
Category: Grand Piano
Num of Sound: 3333 Samples with no loop
Download Size(Mac/PC): 43GB
Compatible: Relies on Kontakt SPECIFICATIONS
Mac OSX 10.11 Higher(64bit only) Windows7 Later(64bit only) 4GB RAM
Driver: Relies on Kontakt SPECIFICATIONS
Stand Alone, Audio Units VST ASIO Core Audio WASAPI AAX Native
Sampling rate: 96kHz / 24bit and 48kHz / 16bit
Num of Samples: 3333 Samples with no loop
Instrument Recorded: KAWAI SK-EX(88key)
Layer: Total 42 layers (up to 18 levels for pedal on, up to 18 levels for pedal off, 5 levels for release trigger, and 1 level for harmonic resonance)
Cycle Round Robin Pedal Action Noise 3 layers
Channel: Stereo 2ch

PIANO Premier "KAWAI Legend"

KAWAI SK-EX Competition Grand

Super Hi-Res Acoustic Piano Library in 96kHz/24bit
for Kontakt & Free Kontakt Player.

Required Kontakt(Player) version6 or higher.