Clavi Premier G


Vintage Electric Piano Library in 96kHz/24bit
for NI Kontakt Full version (NOT Kontakt Player)

Clavi Premier G

With our Clavi Premier product software, we have directly achieved the feat of bringing out the full power and aggressive sounds of the Hohner Clavinet D6. Engineered with our signature release noise engineering, the feel of an actual Clavinet is at your fingertips.

Basic features

  • 96kHz/24bit Hi-Res raw samples
    All samples recorded in whole sound with no loop. You can load it in any sample rate session, but you will achieve the 100% purest and best performance in 96-192kHz session.
  • 8 velocity layers + 2 release layers

    Very natural transition of touch velocity.

New features

  • GUI equipped
  • Phaser effect

    Key switch: C0.
  • Wah Pedal (Cry Baby Simulation)

    Accessible with CC#11, #01 etc.
    Key switch: D0.
  • Mute Option

    Simulation of Clavinet’s mute lever.
  • Recording studio sampling reverb

    The same IR’s of Drum Tree®, Studio A, Studio B are available.
  • Space Echo Reverb

    Five original super smooth space echo IRs are available. (Analog spring reverb and tape delay)

Clavi Premier G Specification

Format: KONTAKT Instrument
Sampler: KONTAKT 5 full version(version 5.7 or higher)
Category: Electric Piano
Num of Sound: 60 keys
Download Size(Mac/PC): 350MB
Compatible: Mac OSX 10.9 Higher(64bit only) Windows7 Later(64bit only) 4GB RAM, 350MB Disk Space
Driver: Stand Alone, Audio Units, VST, ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI, AAX Native(Win: Pro Tools 10 Later、Mac: Pro Tools11 later)
DAW: Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Studio One, Pro Tools, Ableton-Live, Digital Performer, Reaper, Sonar etc…
Sampling rate: 96kHz / 24bit
Num of Samples: 322 Samples with no loop
Instrument Recorded: Hohner Clavinet D6
Layer: 10  layers (8 Velocities)
Channel: Mono 1ch