Drum Tree®


96kHz 24bit Super Hi-Res Drum Library
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PREMIER Software Instrument Trio
Pf: PIANO Premier “at first light”
Bs: Acoustic Bass Premier G
Dr: Drum Tree®
“December Images” Song by Yuki monolog Kanesaka

Drum Tree, Beat it, Piano Premier G, Acoustic Bass Premier G, Bass Premier G, Clavi Premier G, Wurly Premier G, Suitcase Premier G etc… Songs by Yuki Kanesaka, Sep 2018.

Drum Tree Introduction Movie

“Grown Up Conversation” using Drum Tree and Acoustic Bass Premier 2 by Myron.

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Drum Tree Vintage Collection

Pre-mixed, pre-mastered, and good to go

Bring expert drum engineering into your sound

Drum Tree is the flagship drum sound source of the professional software instrument “PREMIER SOUND FACTORY®” created by an active engineer who has pursued sound for over 20 years. It requires no adjustment of EQ or compression, as the sound is polished from the beginning to mastering, allowing you to achieve your ideal sound.

Despite its cute design, Drum Tree has an unusually thick and strong sound energy. During the actual mixing and mastering process, you will discover the true meaning of Drum Tree.

Inspired by legends

Choose by style, not by brand

Drum Tree contains typical drum sounds from 26 genres. It also includes 41 snare types, 67 cymbal types, 185 variations, and a vast collection of 8,000 samples (17GB).

Simply click on the genre name to instantly and intuitively access the desired sound with precision.

Simple, easy, fast

Drum Tree is made from the ground up to help you produce rich sounds, full of human expression without complicated midi input

Sustain pedal kick mode

Sustain pedal kick mode allows you to hit kicks at 100 velocity (C1) with a midi piano pedal, to give a sense of performance like a drummer.

A comprehensive round robin cycle

Using up to 54 layers of samples, the right and left hands alternate with each Key.

Humanising option

The velocity randomiser works intelligently with up to 8 round robins to humanise your drum patterns. This means the kick and snare will not sound robotically repeated even if your midi has a section of repeated 100-velocity notes. This is important because no-one is perfect and those small imperfections make a performance seem like a live session.

Roll activation switch

Using a midi piano’s ‘soft’ or ‘una corda’ pedal lets you to hold a sextuplet note. Sextuplet notes and 32nd note rolls can also be achieved through A0 and B0 key switches.

This lets you get creative, and easily do snare ghost notes, cymbal rolls and double kicks which can be difficult manually.

Tempo, accent, and swing are all adjustable. The library will synchronise to the tempo of your host if used in a DAW.

Check your configuration easily with demo mode

The MIDI demo feature lets you hear the real-time difference as you edit your drum kit. You can also create your own personalised midi presets to use as demos by simply putting them in the ‘patterns’ folder.

The cymbal mute option

Mute all cymbals at the same time with the G0 key to easily listen to parts of your drum track in isolation.

Create your own original kit

Learn from the past and craft the future

The tree symbol of our library represents the past, present and future. Our product incorporates the history of music culture, not to mimic the past but to let it inspire the next generation. This is why there is so much freedom to edit in Drum Tree.

  • Adjust the output, level, pan, gate, tuning, and low-cut features of each element in the specialized Drum Tree mixer.
  • Swap snare, hat, cymbals, and kits in and out freely. You’re welcome to try any crazy combination! Set up to 4 cymbals at the same time.
  • Control real room ambience recorded in Studio Dede in Japan.

Although Drum Tree can be used at 44.1kHz and 48kHz, please try it out in a 96kHz session. The original clear sound, without the sampler’s automatic converter interfering, is outstandingly beautiful.

Mastered at PREMIER Mastering Studio, located on the beautiful beachside south of Tokyo. Let the sun shine inspiration down on you, as you devote yourself to the music.

Drum Tree is made up of various luxurious analog gear to create its sound. Unless there is a specific intention, I believe it is better to do nothing in terms of post-processing with plugins for the drums themselves.

Intentionally degrading sound quality to create a vintage effect goes against the author’s philosophy. Especially in the digital realm, the latest and best technologies are employed. Multiple Lavry AD122-96 units were utilized not only for mastering but also for recording.

Some kits even use up to 30 vacuum tubes. The photo shows the original custom box for Western Electric vacuum tubes used in some vintage kits. This adds a deeper sound to the music. But this is just one example.

Not only simple snare, but also includes cymbals, tambourines, and plenty of effect shots. There are also plenty of brushwork that cannot be used up even in Jazz kits, densely packed into a two-octave keyboard range. Of course, all of them come with round-robin.


Tomasz Paśko

It's far more better than any other drum library that I've been playing.

I play on electronic drums for years on live gigs and I’ve been using on board sounds from Roland Octapad. From the last two years I’ve been trying to apply vst sound instead of that. I’ve tried so many vst plugins but all of them are lacking energy and thickness. I can play sounds even with 192kHz sample rate, but… I need good samples for that:)
I’ve just tested Drumtree and it’s just amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for. Big, fat sounding drums:) Not over compressed or over eq. Just row samples with energy of real drums. It’s far more better than any other drum library that I’ve been playing. So even that it’s a big library, it’s working great for live gigs! I can really appreciate Drumtree in every aspect of making music, in a studio, on the stage(as a musician) and in front of the stage(as a sound engineer).

Tomasz Paśko

Music producer, drummer and live stage sound engineer from Poland

supercell ryo

I felt that it is the best in pursuing the essence of drumming.

I have owned products from Premier for a long time, and I often use the piano and wind chime products because they provide a rich texture. As a former drummer, I use BFD, SSD, Addictive Drums, and Superior Drum when producing, but I think Drum Tree is the best when it comes to pursuing the essence of drumming.

supercell ryo

Composer, Producer

Ken Kawamura

it has the 'musical sound' that is common to other Premiere Sound series.

DrumTree is amazing! The sound quality is excellent, and it doesn’t get buried in the band. Most importantly, it has the “musical sound” that is common to other Premiere Sound series. This is fantastic.

Ken Kawamura

Keyboardist, Song writer

Naohisa Taniguchi

When I wanted a proper presence, Drum Tree gave me a good depth.

I used Drum Tree during album production and realized that its effect is greater when there are fewer arrangement sounds. With the Cute Humanizing option, it’s easy to create a cohesive sound. I also find the Tune and Gate controls on the mixer screen easy to use and helpful in getting the desired sound image.

Naohisa Taniguchi

Lyricist, composer, arranger (CHEMISTRY, SMAP, Kanjani Eight, Mika Nakashima, Koda Kumi, JUJU, etc.)

Toshiaki Otsubo

DrumTree is a sound-focused instrument that is created with a completely different approach.

Even when mixed with other instruments, it maintains its presence and has a good tone when masked. The three-dimensional sound of the rhythm part can sometimes make the overall sound flat, but with DrumTree, there is no need to worry about that.
The kit is also unique and it can easily recreate the sound of old drums without having to struggle with plugins. It is perfect for those creating tracks in genres such as soul and R&B.
When selecting tones, I use the criterion of whether the sound can be heard even when the volume is lowered in the middle of the arrangement with no effects. However, many drum libraries do not meet this criterion. That’s why I think DrumTree is great. Other samples also seem to be good, so I plan to buy them in bulk soon.

Toshiaki Otsubo

Keyboardist/Arranger (Masayuki Suzuki, Rimi Natsukawa, Mayo Okamoto, Sukima Switch, etc.)

Seiichiro 'Laughin' Sugiura

Presence and Amount of Information that Cannot be Achieved with Existing Drum Libraries

While I have been relying on PREMIER samples for a long time, I have become fond of Drum Tree’s overwhelming sound and would like to use it as my main source in the future. I especially like the simple structure of each part’s track + ambience. Even when trying out effects, I found that bypassing them produced the best sound quality and allowed me to appreciate the raw sound. It seems that I will have less trouble creating drum sounds in my music from now on.

Seiichiro 'Laughin' Sugiura

Composer and arranger

Keiji Matsumoto

Pop series often has an organic sound, which is close to my personal taste.

I really enjoyed it. It’s specialized in Jazz and is also suitable for Jazz-style composers. I also like the organic sound of Pop music. In particular, the detailed classification of both old and new drum sound sources was something that had never been done before.

Keiji Matsumoto

Pianist Keyboardist

Taisho Iwasaki

Drum Tree is the sound that you can 'experience'.

Among the drum sound sources that have evolved around the world, I am convinced that “Drum Tree” is something different. It is a sound source that is fun to play and allows you to play with the intention of borrowing the sounds of famous drummers from various eras and regions. There are many clear sound sources, but “Drum Tree” is the sound that you can experience. I recommend that you sit at that wonderful drum set at least once.

Taisho Iwasaki


Drum Tree - Program list

Kit Name Reference Artists Reference Songs Drummer


60’s Detroit Pop Gladys Knight & the Pips I Heard It Through the Grapevine Roger Hawkins



UK Psychedelic Rock The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever Ringo Starr



King of Soul James Brown Sex Machine John “Jabo” Starks



60’s R&B Donny Hathaway What’s Going On



70’s UK Hard Rock Led Zeppelin Black Dog John Bonham



70’s Funk Fusion Herbie Hancock Chameleon Harvey Mason



King of Reggae Bob Marley I Shot the Sherrif Carlton Barrett



70’s Detroit Pop Stevie Wonder Sir Duke Stevie Wonder



70’s Free Soul Deniece Williams Free Maurice White or Freddie White



King of Pop Michael Jackson Rock With You John Robinson



Grunge Rock Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit Dave Grohl



Punk Rock Green Day Basket Case Tré Cool



90’s R&B Elisha La’verne Your Love Sends Me



Neo Soul Erykah Badu Orange Moon Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson




30’s Big Band Benny Goodman Sing Sing Sing Gene Krupa



Be Bop “bird” Charlie Parker Bebop & Bird Max Roach



50’s Hard Bop Miles Davis Quintet Relaxin’ Philly Joe Jones



“Blue”Jazz Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers Free for All Art Blakey



60’s Jazz


60’s Free Jazz


NY Contemporary


Jazz Funk Maceo Parker Shake Everything You’ve Got Kenwood Dennard



Modern Jazz


Dark & Dry Jack Dejohnette


Brooklyn Jazz Gretchen Parlato Weak Kendrick Scott



Hiphop Jazz
Other Snares


Piccolo SN








Ludwig LM400






Yamaha 60s


Yamaha 60s HiPitch


Gretsch 60s Wood


BlackBeauty 20s Mute


BlackBeauty 20s


Slingerland 50s


Slingerland HiPitch


Heavy SN (Pearl Sensitone Brass) Limp Bizkit Take a look around John Otto



Tamb SN

Drum Tree - Specification

Instrument type: KONTAKT Instrument
For use with: FREE KONTAKT 6 PLAYER (included in free KOMPLETE START), or KONTAKT 6 (version 5.5.2 or higher)
Sound category: Acoustic drums
Number of sounds: Limitless patterns organized in 26 music categories
Download size (Mac/PC): 17 GB
System requirements: Mac OSX 10.9 or higher (64-bit only) Windows7 or higher (64-bit only) 4GB RAM, 17GB free disk space. Please also see the KONTAKT 6 PLAYER system requirements and the KONTAKT 6 PLAYER FAQ
Supported Interfaces: Stand-alone, Audio Units, VST, ASIO, Core Audio, WASAPI, AAX Native (Win: Pro Tools 10 or higher, Mac: Pro Tools11 or higher)
DAW: Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Studio One, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Reaper, etc…
Sample Rate: 96kHz / 24bit
Number of Samples: 8,000 samples
Number of Drums:
    • Kicks & toms: 25 variations from 8 kits
    • Snares: 41 variations from 13 snares
    • Hi-hats: 27 variations
    • Rides & crash cymbals: 67 variations from 25 cymbals

Total: 185 pieces

Number of Sample Layers: Max 54 layers (Up to 27 velocities)
Cycle round-robin: 2 (Max 8 with humanizing option)
Channels: Mono and Stereo

Studio dede: http://www.studiodede.com/
Drummer: Akihito YoshikawaShun IshiwakaKazuaki Yokoyama
Designer: Satoshi Matsuzawa
Thanks to: Nakazawa Nobuyoshi

Drum Tree®


96kHz 24bit Super Hi-Res Drum Library
Kontakt and FREE Kontakt player