Bass Premier G


Electric Bass Sounds Library 96kHz/24bit
for NI Kontakt Full version (NOT Kontakt Player)

Acoustic Bass Premier G” & “Bass Premier G” Bass Pack
for NI Kontakt Full version (NOT Kontakt Player)


More Power, More Reality for mixing


For producers and “Bass Premier” lovers, the next generation of electric bass libraries has finally arrived with GUI and super natural legato. This library is a truly addictive bass playing experience in 96kHz/24bit.

Two Instruments

Custom Jazz Bass (5 string)
The most basic, wide range sound, and easy to use bass.

Precision Bass (4 string)
Strong power of Low end, especially for Hip Hop and R&B.

The Bass 96k library comes complete with 2 Electric Basses, including “Custom Jazz Bass” (5 string) and “Precision Bass” (4 string), engineered for the stability. Stable energy for every key and all frequencies with no exaggeration allow optimum balance in all your tracks. Rather than thinned out divided velocities, the even energy of Bass Premier 96k comes genuinely through every fret and keyboard.

I can’t go back to life without Legato

Legato is the showpiece of this collection. Hidden behind the beautifully natural legato sound you hear is a long script and a long trial and error process.

Plenty of variations, slide up, slide down, gliss up, gliss down, legato and slap are equipped for each key controlled with key switches or GUI panels.

Touch noise and fret noise are abundant for an undeniably realistic bass feel. When switching to slap, touch noise also switches to touch automatically. In addition to the slide sound of each key, a large amount of the slides are also equipped in high key range.

We have proudly achieved the rich variations of sound that music makers truly want. Basses were recorded with NEVE1081, Teletronix LA-2A in 96kHz/32bit, and converted to 96kHz/24bit for Logic users with mastering technology.

C0 :Slide down
C#0 : Slide up
D0 : Gliss down
D#0 : Gliss up
E0: Slap
F0: Legato

G0 – A0: Touch noise and fret noise
High Key Range: Slides

New features

  • GUI equipped
    The complex internal system has been simplified and optimized to it’s max potential, revealing more power and sound purity, like the lifting of a veil.
  • Super Natural Legato (Monophonic)
    Legato works for pressing F0 key, or ON/OFF switch Legato Panel. Legato Speed is changeable.
  • Vibrato with Modration Wheel
    Accessable with Mod. Wheel, or Vibrato Knob.
  • Slap with Key Switch
    Accessable for E0 key, or ON/OFF switch Slap Panel.

  • Recording studio sampling reverb
    The same IR’s of Drum Tree®, Studio A, Studio B are available.

Bass Premier G Basic Topics

  • 96kHz/24bit Hi-Res raw samples
    You can use Bass Premier G in any sample rate session, but you will achieve the 100% purest and best performance in 96kHz session without Kontakt’s sampling rate conversion
  • 10 layers (3 velocity layers) for each inst
  • 3 or 4 velocity release noise
  • 7 layer of Touch noise with G0 and A0
  • 3 layer of Fret noise with G#0
  • More than 40 Slide Variation from F4

Because of its own natural power, you can add more power onto other instruments above that solid bass, making it easier to widen the frequency range and pack more powerful loudness in your mix with Drum Tree® and Bass Premier series.


Bass Premier G

Format: KONTAKT Instrument
Sampler: KONTAKT 5 full version(version 5.7 or higher)*Not for Free Kontakt Player
Category: Electric bass
Num of Sound: Max 42 keys plus 42 slide notes and noise
Download Size(Mac/PC): 1.8GB
Compatible: Mac OSX 10.9 Higher(64bit only) Windows7 Later(64bit only) 4GB RAM, 2.14GB Disk Space
Driver: Stand Alone, Audio Units VST ASIO Core Audio WASAPI AAX Native(Win: Pro Tools 10 Later、Mac: Pro Tools11 later)
DAW: Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Studio One, Pro Tools, Ableton-Live, Digital Performer, Reaper, Sonar etc…
Sampling rate: 96kHz / 24bit
Num of Samples: 876 Samples with no loop
Num of Inst: 2
Layer: 10 layers (3 velocity layers)
Channel: Mono 1ch