I can’t find some products that I previously saw on your site.
Our servers were unfortunately brought down in 2017, and we lost all of our product’s data. However, we are now re-making and uploading new versions with new functions and GUI. We appreciate your patience in this regard.

How many computers can I install your products on under one license?
Our product licenses cover installation on two computers.

How long is the download link available?
One month. The download period expires after 1 month, so please make a backup of everything.

Can I use your products on the free Kontakt Player?
Drum Tree®, and Princess Koto “KAGUYA”, Shakuhachi Premier G are available for Kontakt Player. All other products need Kontakt full version.

How do you install your products?
The instillation method is different for products for Kontakt full version and for Kontakt Player.

Downloading Drum Tree takes a long time.
Try using Firefox browser for downloading it instead of Safari or Google Chrome etc, for improved speed and stability.

Can I transfer my license to another person or organization?

Can I use your products with an old computer?
The majority of our products are compatible with Kontakt 5.7. Therefore you should be able to use them with any computers that can run Kontakt 5.7. Try downloading the free Kontakt Player first, to see if it works.

I have purchased a license but have not received it yet.
Sorry for delaying your enjoyment of our products! Please try the following:

  • Search the spam or trash folder in your email account.
  • Wait a couple of hours. (Note: Occasionally some email servers postpone the receival of incoming emails.)

If you are still unsure, contact us via our contact form.

What payment methods do you accept?
We use Digital River GmbH, My Commerce  for secure payment on our website. Paypal, credit card, and bank transfer are all possible forms of payment.

Do you provide technical support over the phone or by email?
No, but we offer a dedicated technical support area in our PREMIER SOUND FACTORY forum.

Do you have manuals for each product?
There is a simple manual provided in the documents folder with products. However we are striving to make intuitive products with very simple workflow, and we believe you will not need a manual. All the product information is on each product’s webpage, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us in the PREMIER SOUND FACTORY forum.

Do you offer academic discounts?
Please use the contact form to enquire about this.

Do you have any plan for seasonal sales?