PIANO Premier G


Hi-Res Steinway Acoustic Piano Library in 96kHz/24bit
for NI Kontakt Full version (NOT Kontakt Player)

New – PIANO Premier “at first light” Now on Sale!

Demo of PIANO Premier old version. But the sound is the same of PIANO Premier G. PIANO Premier G support only Kontakt full version.

New PIANO Premier G


Introducing the marvelous, sweet and elegant sound of true Steinway. PIANO Premier G provides enhanced performance quality, especially for Jazz sessions. The new version is now available with GUI at an affordable price. (Sample files are the same as previous version of PIANO Premier.)

88 keys, 788 stereo sounds, all in 6.5GB. A whole Steinway packed in 96kHz/24bit.

New features of PIANO Premier G

  • GUI equipped
  • Pedal trigger pedal action sound
    Two sample round-robin and controllable that level.
  • Mic distance control
  • Recording studio sampling reverb
    The same IR’s of Drum Tree®, Studio A, Studio B are available.
  • Pedal control with modulation wheel
    You can play only pedal sounds with Modulation wheel on (65-127). You also can check the status text on the wall.

PIANO Premier G Basic Topics

  • 96kHz/24bit Hi-Res raw samples
    You can use PIANO Premier G in any sample rate session, but you will achieve the 100% purest and best performance in 96-192kHz session.
  • U-67 and Neve console sound. Sampled instrument is Steinway O-180 (88 key)
    No loop and recorded until note decay reaches silence.
  • Combination of 10 velocity layers max. + soft touch filter work
    Natural transition of touch velocity. (10 pedal on layers and 10 pedal off layers)
  • Automatic switch of sustain pedal on and off samples with your pedal
    Normal touch trigger for tight and clear samples, and rich pedal samples will start after MIDI pedal on.
  • Natural Panning
    Most piano libraries on the market come with low keys on the left and high keys assigned on the right (Player position). But our viewpoint with PIANO Premier is that it should be dependent on audience position for post production.
  • Three velocity release noise
    Note off noise is crucial for capturing and recreating the harmonious sound of a real piano. The On/Off status of the followed pedal automatically provides natural noise play.

All we need is simply purest piano sounds without any effects.

PIANO Premier G – Specification

Format: KONTAKT Instrument
Sampler:  KONTAKT 5 full version(version 5.7 or higher)
Category: Gland Piano
Num of Sound: 788 Samples with no loop
Download Size(Mac/PC):   4.8GB
Compatible: Mac OSX 10.9 Higher(64bit only) Windows7 Later(64bit only) 4GB RAM, 7GB Disk Space
Driver:  Stand Alone, Audio Units VST ASIO Core Audio WASAPI AAX Native(Win: Pro Tools 10 Later、Mac: Pro Tools11 later)
DAW: Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Studio One, Pro Tools, Ableton-Live, Digital Performer, Reaper, Sonar etc…
Sampling rate: 96kHz / 24bit
Num of Samples: 788 Samples with no loop
Instrument Recorded: Steinway O-180(88key)
Layer: Max 10 pedal off velocity layers + 10 pedal on velocity layers + soft touch simulation
Channel: Stereo 2ch